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Dental Restorations
Dental Restorations

When there is a build-up of plaque and tartar on your teeth causing dental decay, you may require a type of dentistry known as dental restoration.

Often dental decay can lead to other more serious dental and general health problems, but there are a number of solutions that we proudly offer that can stop the spread of decay in it’s tracks. These solutions include:


Fillings are common dental restorations used to fix holes in your enamel that are caused by decay. The dentist removes the decay from the tooth and fills in the resulting space with a tooth-coloured composite material. This restores the tooth to its original appearance and function.


If a tooth is suffering from significant decay or damaged due to injury, then it may require a crown to be restored. Our ceramic crowns are tooth-shaped structures that cover or encircle a damaged tooth or dental implant. Before the crown is placed, the dentist will remove the decay and reshape the remaining tooth structure to best support the crown. The crown, which has been custom-made to accommodate the shape of your mouth and your neighbouring teeth, will then be attached to the remaining tooth structure. Dental crowns are very durable and can last for many years.


Inlays are a more durable and permanent solution than fillings. The decay is removed in the same way as a filling but instead of immediately filling the hole, a mold of the space is made. This mold is sent to a lab where a gold or porcelain inlay is created. The inlay is then bonded to the tooth creating a superior bond and lowering the risk of recurrent decay.


An onlay is the solution to decay when a filling is not enough, but a crown is too much. They are still a lab created restoration, but cover a larger area than inlays.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are used to replace the gap left by a missing tooth. They are made up of two crowns that are attached to the teeth adjacent to the gap while a false tooth is cemented between them to fill the gap. The resulting bridge is an effective replacement for a missing tooth.

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